Digital Marketing Training In Hyderabad with 100% Placement Assurance

Online / Offline / E-Learning With Expert Trainers | 3 months  | 6 months | 1 year Program

Digital Marketing Course Consists of SEO Training, Google ADwords Training, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Analytics & 360 Degree Implementation. We have flexible training modes, We offer Classroom Training at Ameerpet and Madhapur – Hyderabad, India. We have also started Implemented E-learning where Students can learn through Recorded videos of the trainer at any time.

  4.5 Rating   |  5223+ Enrollments   |   Classroom & Online

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Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad with 100% Placement Assurance

Online / Offline / E-Learning With Expert Trainers | 3 months  | 6 months | 1 year Program

Digital Marketing Course Consists of SEO Training, Google ADwords Training, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Analytics & 360 Degree Implementation. We have flexible training modes, We offer Classroom Training at Ameerpet and Madhapur – Hyderabad, India. We have also started Implemented E-learning where Students can learn through Recorded videos of the trainer at any time.

  4.5 Rating

1523+ Enrollments   |   Classroom & Online

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Key Highlights of Digital Marketing Course

   100+ Learning Hours
  1 on 1 Student Mentorship
  Learn Using Advanced LMS
  2 months Internship
  65+ Assignments
  6 Google & 1 Facebook Certifications
  100% Placements Assurance
  28+ Industry Relevant Skills

  Trainers with 12+ Years of Experience

Backup Classes + Videos

  0% EMI Option Available

Guest Lectures from Subject Matter Experts

Learn From Experts -The Most Advanced Digital Marketing Program In India

What You’ll Learn    |   Curriculum    |   Description    |   Training Modes    |   Reviews    |   FAQs

What You’ll Learn in Digital Marketing Training Program

  • Learn how to Design, Host Websites and curate Content for the Website
  • Learn how to Push the Website up in top Search results of google ,bing etc using SEO
  • Get an In-depth Knowledge on Implementation of Campaigns Using Google Ads
  • Create Various Campaigns in Google ads – Search , Display, Remarking, Shopping Video and Gmail Ads
  • Create Social Media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram and YouTube
  • Optimize Social Media Content to Increase Reach and Conversions
  • Learn about various Social Media Automation tools
  • Create Various sponsored Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram Linkedin, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Learn about Content marketing strategies
  • Learn how to design and Send emails using Email Marketing and Extract Reports
  • Learn how to earn Money online using blogging/ Vlogging
  • Learn More about Affiliate Marketing Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Network
  • Setup Google Analytics and track visitors and understand the Visitor Behaviour
  • Understand about Various CRM Tools like Zoho, Leadsquared etc
  • Learn about Lead Generation , Lead Nurturing and Drip Campaigns
  • Learn about Various Certifications in Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

1. Understanding Company And Management
  • Introduction to Management
  • Departments Present in an Organization
  • Explanation about:
    • Human Resource Management
    • Finance Management
    • Production Management
    • Finance Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • E-commerce
    • Inventory Management
    • Retail Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Advertising Sales and Promotion
    • New Department(Digital Marketing)
  • Where is Digital Marketing used? How are all the Departments in a Company using Digital Marketing ?
2. Introduction to Digital Marketing Certification Program
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • How is it different from Traditional Marketing?
  • ROI between Digital and Traditional Marketing?
  • Discussion on E-Commerce
  • Discussion on new trends and current scenario of the world
  • Digital marketing – a Boon or bane ?
  • How can Digital Marketing be a tool of Success for Companies?
  • Video on Importance of Digital Marketing
  • Analysis of Recent Info Graphics released by Companies about Digital Marketing?
  • How did Digital Marketing help the Small Companies and Top Industries
  • Categorization of Digital Marketing for the Business
  • Diagnosis of the present Website and Business.
  • SWOT Analysis of the Business, present Website and Media or Promotion plan.
  • Setting up the Vision, Mission and goals of Digital Marketing
3. Understanding the Website
  • What is a Website
  • Types of Websites
  • Layout of Websites
  • Website Registration
  • Hosting the Website in class
  • Integrating the Website either Static or Dynamic
4. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
  • Introduction to Search Engines
  • How Search Engines works ?
  • Google Webmaster Tool (Search Console)
  • Google Algorithms and Updates (Penalties)
  • Business Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Web position Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • On page Optimization Techniques
  • Off page Optimization Techniques
  • Server Side Optimization
  • Black Hat SEO Techniques
  • Report Generation
  • Implementation of SEO on a live Project
  • SEO Tools
  • SEO Report Card layout and Diagnosis Chart Creation
5. Search Engine Marketing

Introduction to Google Ads

  • History of Google Ads
  • Why Google Ads?
  • Difference between Bing Ads and Google Ads
  • Understanding the KPI
  • Benefits of Google Ads

Setting up Google Ads Account

  • Sign up Process
  • Billing Setting
  • User account creation
  • User Access Levels
  • Setting up Campaigns

Campaign Structure

  • Types of Campaigns
  • How to fit the right campaign to the Business Objective
  • Location Setting
  • Language Setting
  • Ad Rotation
  • Experiments
  • Daily budget Selection
  • Ad Scheduling

Ad group Set up

  • What is Ad Group?
  • How to set up Ad Groups
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Broad Match
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Negative Match
  • Keyword Planner Tool

Ads Set up Setting up Google Ads Different types of Ads

  • Expanded Ad Format
  • Responsive Ad Format
  • Call Only Ad
  • Structure of Ads
  • Writing the Ad Copy
  • URL Options
  • Mobile URL Option
  • Google Ads Guidelines

Auction Process

  • How google ads auction occur?
  • Metrics of Google ads
  • Ad Rank Calculation
  • Quality Score
  • Quality Score Calculation
  • Factors affecting Quality score
  • What is Actual CTR
  • How is it Calculated?

Ad Extensions

  • Sitelinks Extension
  • Callout Extension
  • Structured Snippet
  • Call Extension
  • Message Extension
  • Location Extension
  • Affiliate Location Extension
  • Price & Promotion Extension
  • App Extension
  • Automated Extensions

Conversion Tracking

  • What is Conversion?
  • Types of Conversions
  • Website Conversion
  • Live Practical integration of conversion tracking
  • App Conversion
  • Call Conversion
  • Offline Tracking ( Import )
  • Implementation Conversion Tracking
  • Dynamic Conversion Tracking ( Ecommerce Sites )

Search Ads Campaign

  • What are Search ads Ads?
  • Objectives of search Campaign
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Budget Settings
  • Automated Targeting
  • Creating Custom Ads
  • Writing awesome headlines
  • Integrating Ad Extensions
  • Fitting right keywords

Display Ads Campaign

  • What are Display Ads?
  • Type of Display Ads
  • Objectives of Display Campaign
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Budget Settings
  • Audience Targeting Methods
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Content-based Targeting
  • Automated Targeting
  • Types of Ad Formats
  • Creating Custom Ads

Gmail Ads

  • Creating a Gmail Ads Campaign
  • Targeting based on Keywords, Remarking etc
  • Gmail Ads Measurement
  • Tracking Gmail Ads

Video Ads Campaigns

  • What are Display Ads?
  • Type of Display Ads
  • Objectives of Display Campaign
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Budget Settings
  • Audience Targeting Methods
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Content-based Targeting
  • Automated Targeting
  • Types of Ad Formats
  • Creating Custom Ads
  • Why video marketing?
  • Creating Video Campaigns
  • Instream Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Ad Sequence Ads
  • YouTube Targeting options
  • Age/gender/ Affinity Audience/keywords/topics/placements
  • Remarketing lists
  • Bidding Types
  • Type of YouTube Ads
  • Creating a YouTube Ad
  • Reporting and Analysis

Shopping Ads Campaign

  • What are Shopping Ads?
  • Shopping Campaign Setup
  • Google Merchant Centre set up.
  • Data feed Setup
  • Types of Data feed
  • Data feed Properties
  • Ad groups and Product groups
  • Activating Merchant center
  • Integrating Merchant center to Google Ads Accounts

Remarketing Campaign

  • What is Remarketing?
  • How to build Audience list?
  • How to do Segmentation of lists?
  • Types of Remarketing Audience
  • Dynamic Remarketing set up ( Ecommerce Sites )
  • Website Audience
  • App Audience
  • Customer List
  • Various Types of customer Lists
  • Custom Remarketing List
  • Creating Remarketing Campaign
  • Measuring Results of Campaign

Mobile Marketing Campaign

  • Importance of Mobile Marketing
  • Types of Mobile marketing campaigns
  • Creating Universal app campaign
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Location & Budget settings
  • Ad Setup
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reports

Google Ads Certification

  • How to take up test
  • Eligibility rules
  • Duration of each test
  • Different Types of Google Ads Examinations
  • Search
  • Display
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Fundamentals
  • Sample Google Ads question and answer guide
  • How to get google Partner Badge

Assignment & Assessment

  • 3 Assignments
  • 2 tests
6. E-Mail Marketing
  • How Email Marketing Works?
  • Types of mails
  • What to write
  • how to write
  • when to send
  • Tools used in Email Marketing
  • how to measure
  • What is opt in what is double optin
  • list creation
  • List Management
  • Auto responders
  • Email marketing report generation and its Metrics
7. Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Advanced Facebook Marketing
  • WordPress blog creation
  • Twitter marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Google plus marketing
  • Pinterest
  • Social Media Analytical Tools

YouTube Marketing

  • What is Video Marketing
  • Statistics of Video Marketing
  • Creating a YouTube Channel
  • Customizing the YouTube Channel
  • Create a video marketing strategy
  • Viral video examples
  • Types of Video Posts
  • How to create YouTube Videos
  • How to Rank YouTube Videos on top
  • Custom settings in videos
  • YouTube Engagement Metrics
  • Increasing Subscribers
  • End Screens & Cards
  • How to use Playlists
  • Understanding copyrights and spam
  • YouTube Creator Studio
  • In-depth Statistics Analysis
  • YouTube Tools & Plugins

Instagram Marketing

  • How Brands use Instagram
  • Creating an Instagram Account
  • Tour of Instagram App
  • Content strategy for Instagram
  • Story vs Instagram Post
  • How to use Stories?
  • How to use Hashtags?
  • Tools used for finding trending hashtags
  • Tools used for Influencer Marketing
  • What is IGTV?
  • How to use IGTV?
  • Instagram Ads
  • Objectives of Instagram Ads
  • Reports & Analysis

Pinterest Marketing

  • What is Pinterest?
  • Why is Pinterest used for Marketing
  • Creating a Pinterest Account
  • Customizing the Profile
  • Pinterest Pins Strategy
  • Boards on Pinterest
  • How to Create Pins
  • Pinterest Plugins
  • Generating Engagements
  • Importance of Pinterest
  • Integrating Pinterest in Site
  • Engagement Metrics for Pins
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinterest Ads

Quora Marketing

  • Introduction to Quora
  • Benefits of Quora Marketing
  • Creating Personal Quora Account
  • Profile Setup
  • Following Topics
  • Writing Answers on Quora
  • How to Engage with Users
  • Quora Engagement Metrics
  • Quora Analytics
  • Creating Quora Business Page
  • Answering Questions
  • Quora Advertising
  • Types of Quora Campaigns
  • Reports & Analysis
8. Content Marketing
  • Types of Content Marketing Practices in Digital Marketing
  • How to Implement Content Marketing
  • How to Measure Content Marketing
    9. Affiliate Marketing
    • What is Affiliate Marketing
    • Components of Affiliate Marketing
    • How Affiliate Marketing Works
    • How to become a Merchant
    • How to become a Publisher
    • Costing Techniques
    • Product Allocation
    • Affiliate Marketing types
    • Affiliate Marketing tools
    • Google AdSense account set up
    10. Influencer Marketing
    • Tools used for finding the right Influencers
    • Finding viral posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
    • Finding right Facebook groups with over 10 lakh members
    11. Inbound Marketing
    • Landing Page Designing
    • Landing Page Architecture
    • Landing Page tools
    • Integrating CRM with landing Page
    • Workflow Automation in CRM
    • Importance of Pop Ups
    • Types of Pop Ups
    • Importance of Push Notifications
    • Fancy Widgets For Lead Generation
    • Chat Box & Chat Bots Configuration
    12. Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing


    • Webinars
    • Quiz
    • E-Books
    • Surveys
    • Contests
    • Infographics
    • Freebies & Discounts
    • Lead Ads on LinkedIn & Facebook
    • Emails with CTA for Lead Generation
    • Content Marketing
    • PPC Ads
    • Display Ads
    • Gmail ADs
    13. Lead Nurturing
    • Remarketing Display Ads
    • Remarketing Video Ads
    • Email Marketing
    • CRM Integration
    • Workflow Automation
    • SMS Marketing
    • Push notifications
    14. Mobile Marketing
    • What is Mobile Marketing?
    • Tools used in Mobile Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
    • Examples of Mobile Marketing
    • Starting a Mobile Marketing Business
    15. CRM & Cloud
    • Study on various CRM tools
    • Zoho vs Sugar CRM vs Lead squared vs Sales force vs fresh desk
    • Digital Marketing Integration with CRM
    • Drip Campaigns
    • Lead Field Creation
    • Lead Automation rules
    • Lead Form Creation
    • Lead Form Integration with Landing Pages
    • Using Various Connectors
    • Lead Scoring
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Lead Rotation
    • Lead Distribution
    • Different types of Cloud Telephony Software’s
    • Exotel vs Knowlarity
    • IVR Set up
    • IVR integration with CRM
    • Parallel vs Sequence vs Round Robin
    • Chat Box or Chat box Integration with CRM
    • Email and SMS Configuration for automations
    • Work flow Automation rules
    16. Digital Marketing Tools
      • Discussion on What tool to use for the Right Channels Website tool kit ( SEO plugins, Speed optimization plugins, Themes, Pop Ups, Widget bars, Chat box etc) SEO Tools
        • Keyword Research tools
        • Back link checking tools
        • On page Optimization tools
        • Keyword position Analysis tools
        • Plagiarism checking tools
        • Search Console
        • Speed Checkers
        • GT Metrix
        • Google Analytics
        • SEM tools
        • Twitter tools
        • #hash Tag Research tools
        • Tweet Trend Analysis
        • Twitter Influencer Marketing
        • Instagram Marketing tools
        • YouTube Marketing tools to find the right keywords
        • YouTube Marketing tools to find the right videos and channels
        • Social Media automation tools
        • Email Marketing tools
        • Affiliate Marketing tools
    17. Web Analytics
    • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • Different types of Analytical tools
    • Report Generation
    • Conversion Tracking Setup
    18. Social Media Listening
    • Social Media Listening tools
    • How brands are benefitted using Social Media listening tools
    • Case study : Tata Sky vs Videocon DTH , BJP vs Congress , Airtel vs Jio , Zomato vs Swiggy
    • Social Media Listening for Sentiment Analysis
    • Social Media Listening for Market Segmentation
    • Social Media Listening for Customer Relationship Management
    • Social Media Listening for Demand and Supply forecasting
    19. Customer Acquisition And Retention Techniques
    • How to use Digital Marketing to get Good Customer Acquisition
    • Customer Retention techniques in Digital Marketing
    • Modules involved in Rotating the Customer and Transforming a Stranger into Customer and Customer into a Marketer!
    • SMS Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    20. Digital Marketing , Ad Design & Automation Tools
    • Digital Marketing Automation tools
    • Importance of Automation tools
    • Ad Design Concepts
    • Ad Designing tools
    21. Online Reputation Management
    • Importance of ORM in Digital Marketing
    • ORM tools and Techniques
    22. Master Stroke by Sandeep
    • Building Digital Marketing Strategy from scratch
    • Complete Recap of Digital Marketing
    • Defining KPI’s
    • Defining Audience
    • Segmentation of Audience
    • Mapping Modules to the Conversion funnel
    • Designing Lead generation strategy
    • UI & UX metrics
    • Landing page Designing
    • Speed
    • Compatibility
    • URL structure
    • Content
    • Code Setup
    • A/B testing
    • Setting Pixels
    • Rotating the funnel
    • Acquisition and Retention models
    • Google Analytics set up
    • Facebook Ads set up
    • Google Ads set up
    • Automations set up
    • SMS API Integration model
    • Campaigns set up based on Business Requirement
    • Email API Integration
    • Remarketing
    • Dynamic Remarketing
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Offline Tracking set up
    • Connecting Affiliate Links
    • Building Social Media Pages
    • Building Smart Campaigns based on the KPI’s
    • Art of Curating Content
    • Content Marketing
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Funnel based Marketing
    • Sales funnel Implementation
    • Blogging for Business
    • Ebooks, Webinar and freebies Strategy
    • Coupons & Links Integration
    • 3rd Party Affiliate Integration
    • Reporting based on funnel
    • Experimental Marketing
    • Custom Variables
    • Cohort Analysis
    • Events and custom variables Tracking
    • Visual Merchandising
    • Connecting Offline audience to Online channels
    • Connecting Online audience to Offline channels
    • When should a company ignore SEO and Work on Inbound and funnel based Marketing.
    • 360 degree Rotation for maximum Visibility and Conversions

    Digital Marketing Training Modes

    We have Physical , Instructor led classes happening at Panjagutta and Hitech City Branches , Hyderabad

    We teach Courses online Using tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams

    How E-Learning Works?

    We have recorded videos of the Trainer . These videos were recorded while teaching the class. We make it sure that the Student would have the same classroom feel in Online Training as well. We request you to take a Trail Session and if you are satisfied with it, you can go ahead and take up the Course.

    For trail session and more information you can contact the Digital Nest sales Team on +91-8088998664 or write us at

    We offer Special Training for Companies, We will first understand the Company and its Services , we will proceed to Diagnose the present Marketing Practices and then we will prepare a Customized Curriculum that suits to the needs of the Respective Company.

    For Corporate training you can Reach our Sales Team at +91-8088998664 or you can also write to us at

    FAQ’s Of Digital Marketing Training

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What is Digital Marketing?

      Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing is marketing which is done using internet as medium. There are many techniques involved in doing online marketing and we train all the modules viz. SEO, SEM, SMO, E-mail marketing, ORM & Google Analytics.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Who can pursue the course?

      Any individual who has passion for creativity and can navigate on internet can undergo digital marketing training.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What are the Pre requisites?

      There are no pre-requisites attached to digital marketing training. But, to attain a full time employment in this field, one must be a graduate (in any stream). There is no technical knowledge required as digital marketing training is not fully technical and thus, does not require any programming knowledge.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Do you offer placement?

      Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance. SMEs and MNCs are adapting or shifting their current marketing methodologies to digital marketing due to its cost effective nature and ability to reach wider audiences for promotion. Therefore, opportunities for full-time employment are sloping upwards on graph. Freelancing options too are available.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Is SEO and digital marketing same?

      No, SEO is one of the techniques in Digital Marketing. There are 7 other modules apart from SEO. SEO is the process of improving website ranking. SEM focuses on creating Ads on the search networks. SMO is done to promote the brand and engage customers using trendy social media as a platform. E-mail Marketing is used to send bulk e-mails or newsletters to prospects or customers for promotion or announcing offers. ORM is the tool to protect your online presence and GA is the heart of Digital Marketing.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Are there internship opportunities?

      Yes, We have ties-ups with Companies that hire for Digital Marketing positions and you can avail yourself internships on a stipend basis. The Internship duration and Process decision rests with the company authorities.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What is google adwords? How can I achieve Google Adowrds Certification?

      Google Adwords or PPC or Pay per click is one Technique of Digital Marketing that focuses on Creating and Managing Ads on the Search Networks. Google conducts an Online MCQ Exam for Adwords and you will need to clear 3 levels to obtain the Certification. We will support you with Study Materials and Mock Exams.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What about certifications involved?

      We are a Google Certified Partner. We assess our students via tests to certify them with our certificate. We, further encourage our students to take the Google Adwords exam in order to be certified as Google Adwords professionals.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      How different are you from other players?

      Our training is supported with active case studies and our trainer is an entrepreneur who highlights his experience whilst training. Further, we provide running notes and study materials and we conduct mock exams for Google Adwords. We have initiated a centralized job portal for our trainees who are job hunters. To support our job seekers, we have a dedicated resource that conducts research on placements and builds relationships with corporates that are in constant search of skilled digital marketers.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      I am an undergraduate, How will it be useful for me?

      For an undergraduate, digital marketing training can be undertaken for addition of skills and upon completion of graduation, full time employment can be sought for. Hence, internship and freelancing can be availed by undergraduates. If one has a business idea in mind, then digital marketing can be useful for promotion of the business.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      I am 38+Age. How will this training help me?

      Digital Marketing can be undertaken by any individual who has a business plan in mind or who wants to make a progressive career. We have witnessed individuals between 30-45 age too become start-up entrepreneurs or are successful freelancers in digital marketing in their mid-thirties.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Since I don’t have relevant experience, will the market consider me as fresher/experienced?

      A Fresher is an individual who has just passed out from his/her college and is trained on digital marketing. An experienced individual who wants to shift his career scope from his current industry to that of digital marketing will be an experienced candidate but a fresher into digital marketing.

    Digital Marketing Mastery Pathway

    Welcome to Your Digital Marketing Journey!

    Are you ready to transform your digital marketing skills and accelerate your career? Meet Sandeep Santhosham, a Growth Hacker and the founder of Digital Nest.

    In this demo video, you’ll get a glimpse of the dynamic learning experience awaiting you in Digital Nest’s Digital Marketing Course. Get a firsthand look at what you can expect from the Course. Discover the strategies, tools, and insights that will empower you to excel in the digital marketing career.




    Get details In your Inbox and a call back from our course consultants

    Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad Overview

    Digital Marketing is an endeavor to rule the era of the Internet. Due to Lockdown and Work from home transition, we can understand that Digital Marketing requirement has tweaked up not only in Hyderabad but in overall India and abroad as well. Digital Marketing is one of the top Courses of 2020 and 2021. 

    Today, we live in a World where businesses, education (courses and certifications ) and in-depth learning are confronting tremendous improvements and growth in India as well as world-wide.We at Digital Nest, the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in India run a digital hub in Hyderabad (Madhapur) which provides the top most Courses, Certifications and carefully articulated curriculum. 

    Digital Marketing Training at Digital Nest Institute in Hyderabad is not only tailored to hone you with the Digital Marketing skill-set but it also covers every aspect from learning to complete Digital Marketing with placement assistance which makes our Digital Marketing Certification, the best not just in Hyderabad but also in India.

    Our Digital Marketing coaching includes the best trainers from the Digital Marketing industry and the best framework of skills as our Digital Marketing Certification comprises of SEO, SMM, SMO, SME, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing and 360 degree implementation which can equip you with the best of best Digital Marketing Certification and also can fetch you various opportunities and projects in the field of Digital Marketing with placement assistance

    Not just that, We at Digital Nest, Hyderabad have a dedicated placement team and will guide you in the right direction and help you land in best of best  Digital Marketing opportunities not only in Hyderabad but also for other states, etc. We also provide required placement assistance followed by Certification and proper Digital Marketing Training.

     From the ground curriculum to attending the Interview, we will assist you in your placement pathway. Your placement is our responsibility. Yes you heard it right, join the Digital Marketing Certification at Digital Nest and reward your career with the best of best placements.

    Our Digital Marketing Certification is not just limited to Hyderabad individuals. In order to enhance our Digital Marketing training beyond the borders, we provide  E-learning facility and access to recorded sessions as well.

    We provide placement assistance for other states and big companies as well. We at Digital Nest receive an ample amount of openings for Digital Marketing aspirants. Get trained at Digital Nest Hyderabad and skyrocket your career and welcome a new digital future and award yourself with a gamut of placement opportunities.

    The question is are you Digital ready? This is where Digital Marketing comes into picture. Advanced Digital Marketing course at Digital Nest located in Hyderabad will allow you to learn and implement a blend of skills and form a basis for next-gen strategies of marketing from top-notch Marketing channels.

    Advanced Digital Marketing Training course Curriculum is implemented at Digital Nest, Hyderabad considering the current Industry standards which are constantly prone to alterations with the latest progressions in the Digital Marketing subject.  Our Digital Marketing Training is curated with theoretical training and followed by Practical Training in order to ensure Student understanding. ( Like building a mock website)

    Our Coaching at Digital Nest, Hyderabad includes key modules: – Digital Marketing Basics, SEO Training (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search engine Marketing)/ Google Adwords/PPC (Pay Per Click) Training, SMO training(Social Media Optimization), Social Media Marketing training, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, ORM(Online Reputation Management), Google Analytics and E-mail Marketing training. 

    The significance of Digital Marketing revolves around real-time case studies and are highlighted by our panel of expert  Digital Marketing Trainers from Hyderabad and also skilled academicians.  Our Digital Marketing Training is meticulously designed and module-based assignments are conducted to ensure uniform understanding among the learning students. Certifications are awarded based on 360-degree Implementation of Digital Marketing setup Strategy designed for every Student.

    Creating content in today’s overly saturated online environment requires a delicate balance between creativity and logic. The creative side includes building content that’s unique, useful and appealing. The logical side of content includes focusing on how to reach the right audience and how to maximize the efficiency of output. We are rated as the best from top companies like Google, Facebook and Just Dial. Do checkout our reviews page for more information about Digital Nest Training Institute in Hyderabad, India

     Our Digital Marketing Certification at Digital Nest, Hyderabad will definitely aid you to create the balance between vital skills like creativity and logic. Our curriculum for Digital Marketing Training is eloquently articulated as per the recent trends in the field of Digital Marketing which ensures advancements and meeting Digital Marketing Industry standards.

    Along With Digital Marketing, we also commenced various courses like Data Science TrainingBig Data AnalyticsMicrosoft Azure TrainingAWS Training, DevOps TrainingFull stack Python Training, RPA Training & Salesforce Training and Post graduate diploma programmes – PGP in Digital MarketingPGP in Data Science and PGP in Cloud Computing in Madhapur Branch at Hyderabad, India

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    Our Digital Marketing

    Alumni Testimonials

    Rated Avg 4.5*  Out Of 5 by 2000+ Learners

    I was very satisfied with the Digital Marketing course in Digital Nest. The course was really practical and useful, especially the teaching practices where you could put what you have learned into practice while being observed by experienced tutors that guide you into the right path of your career

    Nidhi Pandey | Digital Marketing Trainee

    Team Lead , Tech Mahindra

    Great Place to learn, here you come to know from the basics to advanced topics. Did Like the friendly atmosphere, activeness, and involvement of trainers. Overall it’s a great experience to certify from the Digital Nest, they have an organised content and a very flexible teaching schedule with lots of practical learning

    Pratikshya | Digital Marketing Trainee


    Signing up for the Digital marketing course was a big step for me. I wanted to take my career to the next level and the course offered by them has put me in a position to achieve that. The course offered by digital nest is very professionally executed and the Training is very thorough and on a one-to-one basis as well, 

    Gunshe | Digital Marketing Trainee

    Entrepreneur, Kodak express

    I would recommend people to join Digital Nest if someone is looking for Digital Marketing. The sessions were very interactive, the teaching includes a lot of real-time examples and everyone has hands-on experience into industry.  the final 360° degree session was quite interactive as well

    Harry | Digital Marketing Trainee

    Branding Manager, Centuary Mattress

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